Wiking 7317 Fliegl Abschiebe- & Überladewagen ASW 391 1/32

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Overhead loading screw makes Fliegl push-off trailer multi-talented

This time WIKING has succeeded in creating a model of Fliegl’s mighty “giant” ASW 391 push-off trailer in 1:32 which is not only true to the original in terms of the detail but above all also in terms of its functions. That is particularly true in the case of the new overhead loading screw which ensures smooth transport logistics in everyday use. Thus the principle of the movable front wall that can be hydraulically pushed backwards towards the back of the trailer in order to push off the load being carried can be authentically simulated – a sheer pleasure for die-cast enthusiasts. The model of the Fliegl push-off trailer has a gross permitted weight of 29 tons and a net weight of 7.8 tons. The body of the trailer is 9.1 metres long and can transport 45 cubic metres of unpressed grass silage and as much as 72 cubic metres of pressed grass silage. 

Attention: Not suitable for children under 14 Years! Risk of chocking as small parts could be swallowed or inhaled!

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