Wiking 7834 Claas Commandor 116 CS Combine 1/32

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First ever Claas modern classic as precision model on 1:32 scale

The cutting width of the combine harvester is six metres, and the Commandor operates with a 276-hp, eight-cylinder engine. The front track width is 2.75 metres, which expands to 2.90 metres at the rear. The driver’s platform has a comfortable cab with all-round view, fan and filter, as well as compressor-based air-conditioning and heating. The upper edge of the grain tank of the original stands at a height of 3.80 metres. Without the cutter trailer, the Commandor 116 reaches a length of 7.70 metres. Without the cutter trailer, the self-propelled machine has a weight of 11.75 tonnes. 

Claas Commandor even achieves world harvest record 

The forerunner to the Commandor 116 had significant technical gains. In order to raise the performance of the large combine harvester of that generation of agricultural machines, Claas replaced the shaker on the CS combine harvesters with a “cylinder system” (CS) comprising eight separation cylinders. The new system was first introduced in the Dominator 116 CS in 1981. This machine continued to operate with a 1.58-metre wide threshing drum. Eight separation cylinders were located behind the drum, with separation concaves positioned underneath. The separation concave was used to separate as much grain from the straw as possible. The straw was taken from the separation cylinders and forced towards the straw hood. Both the distance between the separation concaves and the rotation speed of the separation cylinders could be adjusted according to the crop. To better differentiate between the machines with shakers and a cylinder system, the CS machines were rebranded the Commandor in 1986. In 1990, the Claas Commandor even earned a world harvest record by harvesting 358 tonnes of wheat in eight hours. Claas continued to produce the combine harvesters with CS systems until 1995.

Transport trolley for easy transportation of the cutting unit

The WIKING version of the combine harvester comes with forager headers and cutting unit trolley. The miniature wheels naturally also rotate and, along with the precise movements of the steerable rear wheels, make the 1:32 precision model extremely manoeuvrable. The mirrors on the cab with all-round view, which has a very detailed interior, can be folded in and out. The attached ladder can be rotated. The height of the attachment fixture for the cutting unit can be adjusted, just like when it is in operation in the field. The grain tank can be opened, and also has an integrated, moveable screw that can be extended upwards. The tank discharge pipe can be swivelled out as far as required, just like it can when in operation in the field, while the rear crop storage area can be set in three positions. The cutting unit reel can be rotated with its individual tines, just as it can when harvesting, but can also be detached for transport by road. The transport trolley is then suitable for easily transporting the cutting unit. And of course, this can be attached to the Commandor. 

Attention: Not suitable for children under 14 Years! Risk of chocking as small parts could be swallowed or inhaled!

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